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Ann Allen(non-registered)
Love the Newcastle slideshow - some amazing photos!
Your Buttermere photos are absolutely beautiful Tony. What a stunning location!
April & Xzike(non-registered)
Tony is such a fantastic photographer and managed to capture our engagement moment so perfectly against the backdrop of waterfalls at Malham. This was a priceless surprise that we will treasure forever! The pictures look absolutely amazing, thank you so much Tony. Cant thank you enough! Will definitely keep an eye on your site and in touch!
Julian Tomasso(non-registered)
Tony, I like the new layout to your website, with some really great photographs. Really great quality pictures.
Allen Pidwell(non-registered)
Fantastic photos of Lisa ans Sebastions wedding. Thanks for allowing us the view the wonderful day
The Canvas Gallery:
I love the new canvas gallery TC, its absolutely fantastic and the photos look so dramatic. I would love to to see the one of trees done as a big canvas... it would look amazing.

Our Wedding photos (Lisa and Sebastiano)
We absolutely LOVE our wedding photos, they are fantastic. Its a perfect collection and some of the most loveliest pictures of the start t0o the date, the flowers, everyone's faces, the children playing and the little details of the day... not to mention the ceremony and all the family shots of us all together. Can't wait to share it with everyone. You're brilliant... I hope you get more weddings to do because I think you really are the most perfect photographer, we NEVER in a million years realised you'd got some of the photos that you did... They are wonderful. Loads of love, Us xxxxxx
Rachel Dawber(non-registered)
Weird and wonderful photos of the night golf Tony!!
Lisa Crossland and Sebastian Pafumi(non-registered)
Wow, the American Civil War photos look amazing! We (with Mum and Dad) have just been having a look... Love the "old" sepia quality to the prints. How do you do that?! xxxx
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